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CAMALYA is above all about strong values and commitments.

It is therefore only natural that we try to defend them on a daily basis.

Human welfare and the protection of our planet are at the centre of our concerns.

Indeed, without the hundreds of men and women who work throughout the world to manufacture CAMALYA articles, the brand could not offer its customers the quality parts they are looking for.

We firmly believe that manual work is far more rewarding than automated manufacturing in the textile and fashion industry.


We give a primordial place to Made in France production since the creation of CAMALYA.

Based in Champigny-sur-Marne, the hat-making workshop has enabled CAMALYA to maintain and create jobs in France, despite the problems of relocation, and deindustrialisation, from France that we have seen for many years.

Beyond that, the factory in Champigny-sur-Marne also manufactures items for French and international ready-to-wear brands, department stores and luxury brands. This enables us to maintain a high standard of quality.

Much more than a fashion effect, "Made in France" is the very essence of CAMALYA, a way of conceiving the economy and trade in general.


In Madagascar, hundreds of women with exceptional know-how make CAMALYA products each season.

Their skills are unique and the beauty of the products they make, beyond their outward appearance, also lies in the ethical manufacturing process.

These women, often coming from remote areas of the Big Island, can, thanks to our activity, have a stable job with substantial income. This allows them to provide for their families.

Our strong will is to help them in all circumstances. We wish to participate in a real emancipation of our employees; economic, social and intellectual emancipation.